Estado de spam. Diego Bianchi

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Artista: Diego Bianchi
Dónde: Galería Alberto Sendrós
Título: Estado de spam
Fechas: 15 de mayo al 21 de junio de 2013

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diego bianchi 15 - vista de instalación , performance durante inauguración

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—– Mensaje original —–

From: «Aisha Gadhafi»
To: Diego Bianchi
Enviados: Miercoles, 27 de Marzo 2013 13:22:00
Subject: Compliment of the day.

Compliment of the day.
I am Aisha Gadhafi the daughter of the former Libyan leader, late col. Muammar Gadhafi. However, I was never in support of my father’s position in killing the Libyan citizens. I am sending you this email in respect of my father’s funds that was deposited in my name in a reputable financial institute and my father thought the said funds has been seized before he died. Now the government is after us and trying to liquidate all my late father’s funds.
I would need your assistance to transfer the funds to your name and then to your country based on the fact that, all our activities are presently monitored and we cannot make any trip out of Algeria or get involved in any monetary issue or business transaction, hence I seek your assistance. I will send more information to you if you accept to assist me. Right now we have a lot of calamity in Libya and the US Government has already seized US$200Billion dollars of my late father’s wealth in the United States of America and the South African did the same too. So therefore, I am trying to make sure they don’t find the fund that was deposited in my name. This is why I need your assistance to move funds as soon as possible because presently, I am in the Algerian refugee camp under the Algerian government protection act, I can’t make that happen myself, and hence I contacted you. I have been here in this camp since August 2011 and at that time I came in here, I was pregnant and righ
 t now have a baby girl.
I want you to know that I have a past and history to protect and I have never supported my late father in his wrong ways that is why I want to separate myself from the family. I actually came across your contact information on the yellow pages. Having studied a bit of your profile as available, I came to the conclusion that you will be a very trustworthy and reliable partner since you have had no criminal records in the past or present, hence I contacted you because I know you are capable to handle this project and assist me to receive these funds.
At this point I can’t communicate with you on phone, but only by email as we have restricted access and for the fact that all my calls are monitored for security reasons. I will also want you to know that I have done all that are necessary for you to receive these funds without any problem or eyebrow. As soon as I receive your email I will send you more information and also the contact of the Financial Institute who has custody of the funds presently, to contact them and make further claims of these funds to your particulars and have it transferred to your account, and then hold it till am out of this camp for investment purpose in your country. But please I want you to know that I am working with you with full trust and honesty on this because the new Government of Libya is seriously looking for all funds under my late father’s name.
The total fund is GBP 35,000,000.00 and you shall have 20% of the total amount for assisting me in making this transfer a success. I also want you to know that there is no legal implication of any kind or any unforeseen one and it is 100% risk free and it is compulsory you keep every detail in this message confidential and secretive between us and the bank official that will be assist us. I also want you to know that none of my relative know about these funds and it is an inheritance from my father and everyone thought that the funds had been seized.
Please, kindly get back to me immediately to enable me forward you more information. We would need a Change of Ownership which I would sign to that effect immediately. Please, as a result of the present issue in Libya, I would want you to keep this confidential because if the Government finds out about the funds, it would be confiscated. There is no risk involved in this transaction as all the paper works that would prove the legitimacy of the funds, when it is transferred into your account, would be made available by the bank including the origin of funds that would be issued as an investment funds.
This transaction is meant to be confidential based on my personality, so therefore, if you have an alternative/private email address, do forward it to me and reply to my above email address upon receipt of this email.
Princess Aisha Gadhafi.

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